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Buffalo Song - Enrique Botello
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AsI started a Teaching..

Almost 12 years ago, a personasked  to teach what I knowthere was instructed in the previous 4 years of myincursion in thecalled "Red Path". I did not know, during all those 4 years of my training, that I waswould ask esto. so thepetition  It came as a surprise to me. Thepetition also  made an impact on me. So much so that at first I said no. Nowanted to make my life public. I was just thinking of myself. Butduring unperiod for almost two weeks, myguide spiritual made the Law clear to meSpiritual which says that when you receive a giftspiritual, you can't keep it just for yourself. Must beshared with others. When I saw the truth of what they were telling me, with resignationaccept teach whatthere was learned and I'm still learning.

According I set out toget ready parato impart unapresentation about the "Temazcal Ceremony" and its sacred forms and the proportions generated by the Universe and theCreation in which we live, II found with an ordinary and daily problem: Should you charge money for thisknowledge spiritual orshould darsefree of charge

This was a question that neverthere was entered my mind until that moment. 

I really didn't know what to do.

Reflect on money. Will it affect the result?

I understood what to havesuccess economic is important, because as long as you don't have ityou will be limited in yourability to share with others theteachings spiritual that God has given you. 

 In Love and Service

Enrique Botello Arellano

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My story

I studied Industrial Engineering and ended up working in electronics, hahaha. He lived in the City of Guadalajara, Jal. I got married, I have two beautiful daughters (Andrea and Sofia). Later as a family we moved to Puerto de Vallarta in Jalisco, Mx. Today I have lived more of my life in Vallarta than in Guadalajara. I started a digital and photographic camera repair business. It was so that it happened one day that when I lowered the curtain of my business, a young man arrived in a hurry and in his hand with his wet digital camera. I had it  to attend to. When I made the repair note, he told me; Please hurry up, I have to get to a temazcal and this one is already starting! When he said the word temazcal my head turned to see him, I just managed to tell him; Will you invite me next time? It was the first time that I heard the word Temazcal in my entire life and even so it shook my soul that I only managed to tell it...

Invite me to the next Temazcal. It was so that I managed to attend the next temazcal event and I liked this experience a lot. I kept attending and attending, managing to connect with good people who, like me, attended the Traditional Temazcal Ceremony every time there was a Full Moon or New Moon. As the months went by, I remember one day at the Temazcal Ceremony, a "Grandfather of Tradition" was present, this grandfather had already known me for some time and there was already a friendship between us. Then he spoke in the temazcal and referred to me; Boy, I see that you like the temazcal, why don't you commit yourself to The Spirit... Commit myself?  How? Make 4 Mountains or Vichions one each year. You know, go up the mountain and sit at night and lie down by day next to a tree for four days. You will not eat and you will not drink during those four days. You do these one every year until you finish four. Your first mountain you will pray facing towards the East, where Father Sun sets. The following year you will pray towards the South, the direction of the children. Your third year you will pray to the West, the direction where Father Sun hides and the past dies, and in your fourth and last year you will close by praying to the North, the direction of intelligence. When you finish your Mountains or VIchions  you will continue walking your spiritual path and you will begin to do more intense work, this is reflected in the Dances to the Sun. Like the Mountains or Vichions, you will perform these Dances to the Sun by dancing to the Father Sun. Listen, a Dance to the Sun every year, you know, you will dance to Father Sun from the moment it rises and you will finish dancing until it goes down. The same, you will not eat and you will not drink for four days. The Spiritual Work is that in the Mountains or VIchions one works with the Spirit at night and in the Dance to the Sun one works with his Spirit during the day and rests at night. That was how I left my past life and began to live a life based on Spirituality. Since then I continue walking and supporting my spirituality on this path called, "Red Path"  . A'Hoo!!  

Don Pablo Taizan. Marakame y Guía Espiritual. 2006

Traditional Temazcal Puerto Vallarta 2023

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