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It is a round structure that is believed to be The Womb of MOTHER EARTH,  in which a therapeutic steam bath with natural herbs is carried out inside. In this return to the origin of life we rediscover ourselves and receive the blessings of the four elements: Water, Fire, Air and Earth. This is a very powerful spiritual ceremony and consists of four so called gates each gate dedicated to each direction, East, South, West and North. Also to an element, Fire, Water, Earth and Wind, then the same thing happens first to the Healing of the Body, then the Mind, the Soul and finally the Spirit.  The door of the Temazcal is opened to allow the entrance of volcanic stones heated by firewood inside and they will be soaked with a curative herbal tea already prepared which will produce a therapeutic and healing vapor inside.  By participating through Meditation , Prayer, Songs and some sounds of musical instruments, the purification of toxins in the body begins, followed by a release of Stress, Tension, some emotional Blockages as well as Elimination of diseases.



of the Temazcal Ceremony... You will find that it will help you to Relax, Clean your skin, Purify your body, Strengthen your heart, Purify your blood, Heal diseases, Develop your instinct and perception, Clear your mind, Strengthen meditation, Align the Social and Family ties, you will find a solution to adversity and you will recognize   the passion for the true love of life and more, much more.


The steam that is produced from the water spewed on the red hot volcanic stones creates a very abundant ionization of negative charge. The elevated presence in the hot springs of negative ions causes the aura to expand and manifest itself radiantly in all the functions of the body, including the brain; the "temazcal" encourages this auric intelligence to regenerate the body.

Entering a temazcal is being born again, learning to open our whole being, to be patient and to help each other. This is the teaching of the temazcal, the path of reunification, uniting human beings, thinking about what we can do for the Earth and not expecting more from the Earth. We pray for mothers, fathers, future generations, children, the elderly, minerals, vegetables, animals, humans, fire, air, water, earth and for others.

Entering a temazcal is being born again, learning to open our whole being, to be patient and to help each other.

There is a large number of benefits at a subtle level that are acquired through the practice of temascal, for example, feelings, desires, thoughts and emotions, which generally manifest in the physical body as pain and illness, are harmonized and give the person well-being and the opportunity to start their inner development in a more concrete and calm way. The temazcal considered in one of its simplest aspects as a cleansing bath, returns to us the character of the sacred (sacred) and the spirit of renewal.

In the same way, Temazcal therapy strengthens the will and opens the reflective space to reach an understanding of the existence of being and the universe, thus finding a true internal and external harmony that can be applied to practical life.

Hopefully you will be encouraged to take the step and share with us anyday  of the week that you will not forget, that is guaranteed. ​



to those who need it at a very special moment in life; like all things, they arrive at the time when we need them and as a product of a chain of events that we consciously or unconsciously cause. It is a very beautiful and powerful moment in our life, an opportunity to reconcile, with ourselves, with all our relationships, with life, with health, with strength, with our spiritual path, stop and find ourselves......



The Temazcal Ceremony….




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