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Buffalo SongEnrique Botello
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For us, one of the first teachings that exist within the tradition is the Origin.

And our Origin is the Womb of Our Mother Earth.

It is one of the first ceremonies that we have when it comes to coming to take shape and gain strength in life;  It is called….





THE TEMAZCAL…. It is a round structure that we think is The Womb of MOTHER EARTH,  in which a therapeutic steam bath with natural herbs is carried out inside. In this return to the origin of life we rediscover ourselves and receive the blessings of the four elements: Water, Fire, Air and Earth. This is a very powerful spiritual ceremony and consists of four so called gates each gate dedicated to each direction, East, South, West and North. Also to an element, Fire, Water, Earth and Wind, then the same thing happens first to the Healing of the Body, then the Mind, the Soul and finally the Spirit.  The door of the Temazcal is opened to allow the entrance of volcanic stones heated by firewood inside and they will be soaked with a curative herbal tea already prepared which will produce a therapeutic and healing vapor inside.  By participating through Meditation , Prayer, Songs and some sounds of musical instruments, the purification of toxins in the body begins, followed by a release of Stress, Tension, some emotional Blockages as well as Elimination of diseases.











KEY BENEFITS de Temazcal Ceremony… You will find that it will help you to Relax, Cleanse your skin, Purify your body, Strengthen your heart, Purify your blood, Heal you from illnesses, Develop your instinct and your perception, Clarify your mind, Strengthen meditation, Align Social and Family ties, you will find a solution to adversity and you will recognize   the passion for true love of life and more, Much more.


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